Let us recreate your parts, regardless of the difficulty

Need to reverse engineer a product?

House of Plastics Unlimited, Inc has the ability to manufacture parts if drawings are not available, by taking complete measurements and electronically drawing with our CAD/CAM system. We’ve reversed many plastic parts that were previously imported where long lead times, language barriers, pricing, and little or no customer service were reasons for our customers to call on us to help with their issues. We employ non-contact measurement that can take thousands of points from a part that recreates a virtual drawing, which can then be transferred to our experts for production.

Projects that we reversed engineered

Here is a brief list of a few of projects we had the pleasure to complete
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Our amazing clients

Here is a brief list of a few of our clients we work with

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking."

- Henry Ford -

Why Choose House of Plastics Unlimited

We stand apart from the competitors by providing the below

Customer Service

We take pride into providing the best customer service on a daily basis. We do this through by consistently providing communication, being honest & taking pride in our work.

Competitive Pricing

We communicate with suppliers across the country, every day, in order to give you the most competitive price possible.

In-house Tooling

We are capable of expediting small run epoxy or fiberglass tooling as well as aluminum tooling for large production runs.

Design & Design Engineering Support

Our staff is comprised of over 125 years combined experience in the design and development of thermoplastic materials.

Our Brochure

Founded and run by engineers, technical capabilites and innovative engineering solutions are the heart of our business model. We specialize in fabricating and designing very large scale, high prescision products, tools and production parts.